4 Reasons Physical Therapy Is Important After Being Injured in a Car Accident


Being involved in a car accident can have lasting effects on a person. Many people are injured in car accidents, and the injuries can range from whiplash to much more serious injuries. After being injured in a car accident, many people assume that bed rest is their best option. In reality, being active after a car accident injury is better for the body. Physical therapy at a center like BEAT Physical Therapy is often recommended after car accidents for a number of reasons. Some of the benefits of engaging in physical therapy after being injured in a car accident include:

Promote Healing and Recovery

Immediately after a car accident, a person may not realize the extent of their injuries. But after a day or two, many people realize that even a minor car accident can cause a variety of physical injuries. Common symptoms of injury after a car accident include soreness, stiffness, decrease in range of motion, headaches, and back pain. Physical therapy helps improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion, and regular physical therapy sessions promote healing and help a person recover from his or her car accident injuries in a more timely manner.

Prevent Injuries From Developing Into a Chronic Condition

In addition to assisting in recovery and healing, physical therapy after a car accident can help prevent injuries from developing into a chronic condition. Unfortunately, many people suffer from chronic back pain or migraines because their car accident injuries were not addressed immediately after a car accident. Starting physical therapy soon after being injured in a car accident helps ensure that acute injuries heal properly so they don't become chronic problems that cause a person pain for many years.

Pain Relief

Many people don't want to move around or do exercises when they are sore and stiff after a car accident. But, physical therapy can help pump blood to injured areas, speeding up their healing. Physical therapy for car accident victims is specifically designed to address common car accident injuries, and the exercises done during each session help reduce pain. Going to physical therapy immediately after a car accident can reduce the amount of pain that a person experiences and eliminate the need for pain medication.

Avoid Surgery

If a person is severely injured in a car accident, emergency surgery may be necessary. However, physical therapy may help prevent surgery for non-emergency injuries. A lot of people in car accidents injure their back or neck; when these injuries don't heal properly, a person can develop chronic back or neck problems that may eventually require surgical repair. Regular physical therapy can strengthen injured areas so they can heal, making surgery unnecessary. 


1 June 2018

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