3 Steps To Take To Ensure You Enjoy Your Couples Massage


One fun activity to do together with your significant other is to get a couple's massage. A couple's massage can allow you and your significant other to spend time together. You can take steps to ensure both of you get the most enjoyment possible out of your couple's massage.

Step #1: Bathe Together Before Your Massage

If you are getting a couple's massage at a spa, before your massage, arrange a time to enjoy the sauna and steam room before your massage. After you soften your muscles up a little bit, take a nice warm shower together.

Your body will be more relaxed before your massage, and your bodies will be clean. The massage therapists are going to be touching your bodies during the massage. It is a nice courtesy to make sure you are clean before you head to your massage together, and spending some time in the steam or sauna beforehand will allow you to connect with one another.

Step #2: Have a Light Meal

When you get a massage, you will be lying on both your back and your stomach. You don't want to have a bloated stomach when your back is getting massaged, but you don't want to be sitting there with a rumbling stomach either.

Instead, compromise and go out for a light, nutritious meal together before your couple's massage. Maybe you have a nice fruit bowl if you are getting your massage in the morning. Or if you two will be getting your massage in the afternoon, have lunch somewhere that is known for selling excellent salads.

Step #3: Plan for a Slow Afternoon

After you get a massage together, you are going to be feeling really relaxed and even blissful. Do something relaxing together after your massage. Plan on spending some time together. If you are on vacation, maybe this is the afternoon or evening where you order room service. Spend some time relaxing and connecting.

Drink lots of water, have a nice meal, and get close to one another.

If you have an opportunity to enjoy a couple's massage at a spa with your significant other, enjoy the sauna or steam room beforehand and then take a steamy shower together before your massage. Enjoy a healthy light meal together a few hours before your massage. After your massage, plan to spend time relaxing and enjoying one another.

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21 February 2020

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