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How To Treat Your Feet When They Are Cracked

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If your feet are dry and cracked, and you don’t have the extra funds to splurge on a professional foot massage or pedicure, you can still take care of you sore, cracked and tired feet at home by yourself. Here is what you need to do to take care of your feet at home. Soak Your Feet The first thing you need to do is soak your feet. Soaking your feet will help soften up the skin on your feet and make it easier to treat. You can fill your bathtub up with warm water and sit on the edge of it, soaking your feet while the water is still warm and enjoyable. Or, you can take a bowl or basin that is big enough for your feet, fill it with hot water, and sit in a comfy chair while your feet soak. Exfoliate Your Feet After you have soaked your feet for a while and they have softened up, you are now going to want to exfoliate your feet to get rid of all the dead skin that are making your feet feel so dry and cracked. One of the best ways to get rid of dead skin is by using a pumice stone. You can find these in the health care section of local grocery or department store. Pumice stone is made out of hardened lava. It is really light weight. You are going to want to take the pumice stone and dip it into the water. This will soften up the stone. Once the stone is softened up, rub it over your feet in a circular motion, focusing on the areas where your feet feel the driest and where you have the hardest skin. You can dip your feet back into the warm water in between exfoliating your feet. Once you have used the pumice stone, you can follow up with a nice loofah sponge to get rid of any remaining loose skin on your feet. Treat Your Toe Nails Next, you should treat your toenails. If they need to be cut, trim your nails with your nail clippers and follow up by filing away any rough edges with your nail file. This will help your feet feel completed well-treated. Dry Your Feet After you have cut your nails, it is time to dry off your feet. Use a soft towel to dry your feet, and be sure to clean and dry the space in between each of your toes. Once your feet are dry, you are going to want to use a moisturizing cream on your feet. Rub it in really well on the areas where your feet were the driest. Remember to moisturize your feet each morning to fight back against hard and cracked skin on your feet.  While you can do most of these things yourself, there’s nothing like having a pedicure at a real foot spa. In the Virginia area, check out Body...

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A Therapeutic Foot Massage Is A Benefit To The Whole Body

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A foot massage can be a very therapeutic treatment for your whole body. A good foot masseuse will be very knowledgeable in the pressure points that are located on the top, bottom, and sides of your feet and stimulates all of them with different pressures to affect different locations of your body. Here are some of the procedures that an experienced foot masseuse will employ when giving you a therapeutic foot massage: Foot Bath and Oil Rub – Before beginning, your foot masseuse will soak your feet for approximately 15 minutes in a bowl of very warm water. This foot bath will clean your feet and relax your foot muscles. After soaking, your feet will be dried and covered with a towel to keep them warm. Ingredients that can be added to your foot bath include Epsom salts, baking soda, lavender and other aromatic oils, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and whole milk. Your masseuse will add these different ingredients to soothe or stimulate your foot muscles, treat specific ailments, and ultimately relax and rejuvenate your feet. After your foot bath, your feet will be massaged with other essential oils that will soften your skin and penetrate into your muscles. A good foot masseuse will use different oils on your feet for different ailments or body conditions.  Foot Massage Pressure Points – Pressure points on your feet correspond to every part of the rest of your body. A good foot masseuse will massage these pressure points during a therapeutic food massage. Your masseuse can massage these points several ways: Finger and Hand Massage – A foot masseuse will massage and probe your feet with his or her thumbs and the fingers of both hands. Both hands will be used in constant movements that will warm, relax, and stimulate your feet. A masseuse will use his or her thumbs to reach deep into your foot muscles and his or her fingers to stimulate the skin.  Massage Probe – A foot masseuse will often use a rounded wood probe approximately 1/2 inch in diameter to massage the pressure points in your feet. This wood probe is pushed into the sole and sides of your foot to stimulate the nerve endings and encourage blood flow.  Massage Stones – Another effective method of foot massage employs round river stones. A masseuse will take stones that are approximately 1 – 2 inches in diameter and warm them in a bowl of hot water. Once warmed, these stones will be applied to your feet and massaged deeply into the muscles. These stones warm and relax the muscle of your feet and also stimulate blood flow.  Foot Massage In Your Home Or In a Foot Spa – You can have a foot massage in a foot spa or at your home. Here are the advantages to having your foot massage in both locations.  Home Foot Massage – It is very convenient to have your foot massage in your own home. An experienced masseuse will come to your home with a foot-soaking tub and a chair that will elevate your calves and feet so that he or she can easily work on both of your feet. After your foot massage, you can relax at home and allow your feet to slowly absorb all of the foot stimulation and applied...

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If You Sit at a Desk All Day, Have Your Massage Therapist Target These Areas

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Many people spend the entire workday sitting at their desk, getting up only at lunchtime or when nature calls. There are many health risks to this sedentary lifestyle, including developing sore muscles and repetitive strain injuries. If your workday movement is limited, you can almost certainly benefit from regular visits to a massage therapist. Your company’s health plan may even cover the treatments. While you can certainly opt for a full-body massage, which can be ideal if you’re stressed, it’s also a good idea to ask your massage therapist to focus on certain problem areas, including these. Shoulders Having your massage therapist work on your shoulders is a good idea for a couple reasons. Many people develop shoulder pain from sitting at a desk for long periods and reaching forward to the keyboard and mouse, especially if their chair isn’t at the correct height or doesn’t have armrests to provide support. In these situations, the person can quickly develop tight, sore shoulders that a massage can improve. Additionally, many people hold tension in their shoulders when they’re stressed. If you’re unhappy in your career and find that you’re chronically stressed at work, your shoulder muscles might be very tight and sore. Wrists Because they don’t have large muscles, some people don’t think of having their wrists massaged. However, having your therapist spend some of your session working on your wrists can decrease pain that you may not have known existed. Carpal tunnel pain—inflammation on the inside of the wrist—is common among people who sit at a desk for work. The constant strain on your wrists as you type and use the mouse can lead to these areas being inflamed. A skilled massage therapist can help reduce this discomfort, and this is ideal because many people end up missing work due to carpal-tunnel pain. Low Back If you sit all day, there’s a high probability that your low back isn’t as comfortable as you might like it be. Even among people who adopt a correct seated posture, low-back pain can be an issue. Additionally, if your office chair doesn’t provide adequate lumbar support, the low back can slouch to the point that the muscles are overtaxed and sore. In addition to massaging this area, your therapist will also likely provide you with some low-back stretches that you can try throughout the workday to alleviate the discomfort you’re experiencing. Make an appointment with an organization such as Inner Harmony Center For The Healing Arts Inc to get started minimizing your...

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Five Reasons To Schedule A Deep Tissue Massage Today

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If you have never experienced a deep tissue massage, you are missing out. Massage has been lauded as having numerous holistic health benefits, to both body and soul, and is an excellent way to speed healing after an injury or strain. Visit local massage practitioners to determine the best approach for your distinct needs, whether you are looking to improve flexibility during training or simply looking for a healthy way to unwind and de-stress. Five reasons why you should schedule your massage today are: 1. It is a very relaxing experience. A deep tissue massage is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. If you feel pain or discomfort during your massage, you should immediately let your practitioner know. It is not uncommon for some to experience mild muscle soreness after a deep tissue treatment, particularly if it is your first massage. 2. It can relieve pain. The benefits of deep tissue massage extend to pain relief, as it can improve and help with flexibility. With regular treatments, you can recover after injury faster and feel more like engaging in your own exercises and physical therapy to further speed healing. Anyone with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia or other conditions, may find massage to be a valuable addition to their current health regimen. 3. It detoxifies the body. Deep tissue massage releases toxins, particularly acids from around your joints and muscles. It is important to drink lots of water after treatment, which helps to flush these toxins out of the body after they are released. This can also help you experience less soreness or stiffness after waking or following a strenuous workout. 4. It helps improve flexibility and range-of-motion. Deep tissue works the muscles and joints of your body, which can help increase flexibility and improve your range-of-motion. This can be especially useful for athletes, seniors, or individuals who are recovering from an injury. 5. It can help lower your blood-pressure. The relaxing nature of a deep tissue massage and the pleasure it provides can impact your blood pressure and heart-rate, too. Many find that after a massage, their diastolic and systolic blood-pressure is lower which can have significant impacts on holistic health and well-being. Given the numerous health benefits of deep tissue massage, what are you waiting for? These treatments are enjoyable, relaxing, and affordable; check with local therapists and practitioners to find deep tissue treatments in your area. As with any new regimen, let your doctor know of your plan to schedule massage therapy, and enjoy the benefits that this treatment...

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Potential Benefits Of Reflexology

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The principles of reflexology have been in use for thousands of years, although this type of massage hasn’t been widely used in the United States for very long. While it may sound strange that a foot massage can help with symptoms in other parts of the body, there are some potential benefits to reflexology. These benefits aren’t necessarily the same as those that a person gets from a regular deep tissue massage. In theory, the different parts of the foot correspond to different parts of the body, and massaging the foot the right way may thus help with issues in the various parts of the body.  Relaxation As with any massage, reflexology may help a person be more relaxed. Some research shows that it may also help reduce some psychological symptoms, including depression and anxiety. When more relaxed and less stressed, it can be easier to fall sleep, so this type of foot massage may make it easier for some people suffering from insomnia to get the sleep they need. Stress contributes to a number of different medical conditions, so finding ways to relax can be beneficial for limiting the risk of these health problems as well. Pain Relief Reflexology is also known for helping with pain relief in a wide variety of different health conditions, according to the University of Minnesota. While it may not cure these conditions, people undergoing reflexology treatment had less pain from arthritis, migraines, kidney stones, AIDS, peripheral neuropathy and chest pain, among other conditions. Fewer Chemotherapy Side Effects Getting a reflexology foot massage isn’t going to cure cancer, but it may make the treatment more bearable. People tend to have less anxiety, fewer episodes of vomiting and an easier time getting to sleep when getting these massages along with their chemotherapy. You Can Help Yourself Once you’ve undergone treatment using reflexology, the massage therapist can teach you how to massage certain spots in your own feet to help continue the treatment at home. It may not be as beneficial as when the massage therapist performs reflexology, however, as the therapist has more training on just where and how to apply the pressure to produce the most potential benefits. Potential Considerations It’s best to use a therapist that’s trained in this technique, so look for one who’s a member of a professional organization, such as the Association of Reflexologists. Expect to spend 30 to 60 minutes per session and to attend multiple sessions, as having the treatment more often is likely to increase the beneficial effects.  For more information, talk to a professional like Advanced Alternatives Massage...

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3 Ways That Bodybuilders Can Benefit From Massage Therapy

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Bodybuilding can be hard on the body, and muscular pain is almost unavoidable when you are constantly pushing yourself to lift heavier weights. Unfortunately, pain can interfere with your workout schedule by keeping you out of the gym and unable to lift for a few days. Those who want to see muscular gains quickly or who want to take their lifting to the next level often turn to supplemental therapies to keep pain from limiting them and to enhance their training. Here are three ways in which massage therapy can help with your weightlifting and training. 1. It relieves tightness from straining.  A tight, sore muscle can keep you from working to your full potential. Muscles grow when they lift progressively heavier weights, and sometimes pushing yourself too far can strain a muscle. Deep tissue massage targets a specific muscle and loosens it through repeated manipulation, making it slack and reducing the tension and pain. Massage therapists often recommend stretching exercises to maintain the slackness and keep the soreness at bay, helping you get back to the gym sooner, so you can work on exceeding your previous limits and gaining some muscle mass. 2. It prevents injuries. Following a workout in which muscles are constantly tensed, a massage can help return them to their relaxed state. This can help you keep from over-compensating or straining when you work opposing muscle groups such as quads and hamstrings or abs and back. When one of the muscle groups is tense and the other isn’t, you can easily start to use improper form, which can lead to injuries. Massage therapy can restore the balance between your muscle groups and help you lift correctly and avoid overexertion. 3. It assists in muscle growth. Resting the muscles is also an important component of muscle growth. Following a workout, deep tissue massage increases the blood circulation in the muscles. This replenishes nutrients, increases oxygen flow to the muscles and also helps them relax. Repeatedly stretching and releasing muscles and connective tissues can relax them and relieve soreness. This can help you get on the most direct path to larger muscles: harder training. Many bodybuilders use massage therapy services after their final workout before their scheduled rest days to maximize the effects of the muscle recovery period. Massage therapy is a very effective supplemental treatment that has been used by athletes for decades and has many direct benefits for bodybuilders. If you find that some muscle groups give you more problems than others or that soreness is slowing your progress, discuss your bodybuilding goals and problems with a massage therapist. He or she can use a combination of techniques to relieve the soreness of intense lifting, help prevent injuries and support your muscular...

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Three Different Ways That Your Massage Therapist Can Help You

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Many people know the benefits of scheduling a massage to get relief from muscle aches, but the reality is that this health practitioner can help you in a variety of other ways. Whether you’re happy to get treatment for your sore muscles or you’re curious about the other ways that massage therapy can be of benefit, it’s worthwhile to call your local massage clinic and discuss the part of your body that is ailing you. In many cases, this relaxing, hands-on form of treatment will be just the right thing to help you through the predicament. Here are three different ways that your massage therapist can help you. Relief From Constipation There’s no need to be shy about asking if your massage therapist can help you with your constipation—the answer will be “yes.” Dealing with this digestive problem can make you feel tired and bloated, but a trip to see your massage therapist can awaken your system without using medication that may have side effects. To address this issue, your massage therapist will focus on gentle movements of his or her hands around your abdomen. Typically, the therapist will massage your abdomen in a clockwise manner. Doing so can actually help to push digested and slugging food along through your digestive system to help you go to the bathroom after your session. Avoidance Of Getting Sick If you’re the type of person who gets sick with every changing season or you simply find that you’re constantly battling cold bugs, the good news is that relief can come from your massage therapist. There is evidence that getting a massage may affect your body’s immune system; the treatment can actually help to stimulate your body’s production of cytotoxic cells, which are also know as “killer T” cells. These cells are integral to helping your body stay healthy by warding off viruses when you come into contact with them. Help With Quality Of Sleep Sleeping poorly can make you struggle to perform at work and feel irritable with your family. Instead of considering medication, try visiting your massage therapist. Getting a massage elevates your body’s serotonin levels; this neurotransmitter stimulates the production of melatonin, which is the hormone necessary for a high-quality sleep. Additionally, a massage can also help to make you feel more relaxed, which is ideal if you feel that you struggle to sleep because you’re anxious or your mind is otherwise occupied.  Visit a local massage therapy clinic, such as Gulf Coast Massage & Skin Care, to see if a massage is the right treatment for your...

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Pamper Your Partner With These Homemade Massage Oils

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After a day of chasing kids, a nice massage might really do the trick. Unfortunately, a day at the spa isn’t always in the budget or the schedule when you have a family. Luckily, you can still give your partner the benefit of a relaxing massage. Here are some massage oils that you can make at home. You can use them to give your partner a spa day right in the luxury of your own home. Lavender Stress-Relief Oil Taking care of kids all day can be extremely stressful. You can help your partner relax by using this simple stress-relief massage oil. Supplies You’ll Need Dark glass bottle with lid 15 drops lavender essential oil 15 drops of orange essential oil 5 drops of marjoram essential oil 4 drops of clary sage essential oil ½ cup of jojoba oil Warm water Towel Directions Pour all of the ingredients into your glass bottle and shake well to combine. Set the bottle aside for about 24 hours. This will allow the oils to properly combine. Before beginning the massage, place a towel in warm water. Pour a small amount of the oil into the palm of your hands and begin massaging your partner’s back. Now place the warm towel over their back and leave it there for about 15 minutes. Repeat the process over their entire body. Lemon and Lavender Foot Massage Oil While you’re pampering your partner, don’t forget about their feet. The feet take the brunt of the daily activity, especially if your partner is busy chasing toddlers all day. Supplies You’ll Need Dark glass bottle with lid ¼ cup of jojoba oil 5 drops each of lavender and lemon essential oils Warm towel Directions Carefully pour your jojoba oil and essential oils into your glass bottle. Place lid on bottle and shake well to combine the oils. Set aside for about 24 hours to cure the oils. Pour a small amount of oil onto your partner’s feet and massage well. Be sure to get between their toes and on the soles of their feet to improve circulation. Wrap their feet with the warm towel and have them relax for about 15 minutes. Spa dates aren’t always in the budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper your partner right at home. You can use these homemade massage oils to give your partner the pampering they deserve. To experience the added benefits of a professional massage, contact a spa such as MassageWorks Of Sarasota...

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Sweet Feet Scrubs And Massages: Why You Should Consider Using Sugar Instead Of Salt

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Most people are worried about having an excessive amount of sugar in their diet. While saying no to a sugary soft drink and a too-sweet cupcake is often a good thing for the inside of your body, you may want to re-consider using sugar for your body’s exterior diet. The skin can benefit greatly from sugar, so you may want to start using it in your foot scrub instead of salt. Here are three sinfully sweet reasons your next foot massage should incorporate sugar (white or brown): 1. Sugar Hydrates the Skin and Helps to Retain Moisture. Sugar is considered to be a natural humectant, which means that it can not only help to hydrate your skin, but it can also help to ensure that moisture is retained in the skin. It does this by drawing moisture from the environment to your skin. To be put simply, if you are suffering from dry patches of skin or cracked heels, sugar can help produce skin that is much smoother and very well moisturized. 2. Sugar Works to Stimulate Cell Turnover for More Youthful Skin. Since sugar contains glycolic acid, which is a source of alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA), it helps to stimulate cell growth and treat dry skin. It can help in keeping your skin looking younger for longer by treating age-related skin issues and sun damage. In addition, WebMD suggests that AHAs may be helpful in reducing the pigmentation caused by melasma while also helping to reduce acne scars. 3. Sugar Gently Strips Away Dead Skin Cells. Sugar and salt are two of the best exfoliants. However, salt can actually cause very small tears in your skin. It can even strip your skin of its natural oils, which leaves your skin unnecessarily dry. Sugar is softer on the skin than salt and strips away the dead skin cells just as well, if not better. Exfoliated skin will hold moisture better, which is always a good thing when you are looking to unveil your skin’s beautiful, natural glow. The benefits of using a sugar scrub for your next foot massage are abundant. If you’re looking to keep your skin looking and feeling young, moisturized and healthy, then speak to your local spa, like Stephen Parish Massage, about incorporating sugar into your massage regimine. Don’t forget that you don’t have to limit sugar to your feet, as the rest of your skin can also benefit from some well-deserved sweet, restorative...

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3 Great Reasons To Get Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that is performed by placing several small needles into your skin. These needles are put at different depths within your skin, and are said to stimulate the skin wherever they are placed. Acupuncture has been shown to be beneficial for many different reasons, and this article will discuss 3 of them.  Help With Infertility Even in the world of modern medicine, acupuncture is used to compliment other forms of infertility treatment. If you are receiving in vetro fertilization (IVF), or if you have had a couple rounds of unsuccessful IVF, then then including acupuncture along with your IVF may be a great option for you. Since acupuncture is said to help put your body more in alignment, this may allow you to become fertile, when before this wasn’t possible. Medically, acupuncture can also increase blood flow, which will bring more blood to the endometrium and thicken the lining.  Studies have been completed to see if acupuncture has been able to help women who are going through IVF to get pregnant, and the results were in favor of those who added acupuncture to their IVF treatment. Contact professionals, such as those from Awaken Integrative Wellness, for further assistance. Pain Relief Acupuncture is perhaps known most widely to treat pain. In the world of acupuncture, you are said to be healthy if your body is in complete balance. When your internal energy flow is not balanced, this may lead to illness and pain. Acupuncture is said to tap into these different meridians of flow, and balance them out. Once your body has achieved this balance, you will feel rejuvenated, and your pain will be reduced. This form of medicine is also very beneficial because you won’t have the negative side effects that come along with a lot of different types of medicine.  Anxiety Much like pain, anxiety is often treated with medicines that can have harmful side effects. Treating anxiety with acupuncture gets rid of these side effects, and can also bring quicker results. Since the acupuncture needles are placed right next to your nerves, they can cause stimulating effects. In the case of anxiety, your nervous system is activated and the part of your brain that controls your emotions is activated. This will help your body to return to an overall level of emotional balance, which will help you to better control your anxiety. You will likely need to receive acupuncture regularly if you often have anxiety because your body will need to continually be put back into...

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