The Pros And Cons Of Opting For A Deep Tissue Massage


When you're in the mood for a massage, one of the decisions you'll need to make is figuring out what kind of massage to have. There are plenty of choices, from a Thai yoga massage to a Swedish massage. One style of massage that has become increasingly common is deep tissue massage. Consider the pros and cons below to decide whether this is a good style of massage for you to try.

Pro: Deep tissue massage can work out ongoing stiffness

Do you often find that your shoulders are sore? Maybe your calves are always tight. While other types of massages might address this ongoing soreness, deep tissue massage is more likely to make a lasting impact. It's a great type of massage for working out knots not only in the more superficial muscles, but also in the deeper, supportive layers of muscle that are usually the ones to become sore.

Con: Deep tissue massage can be intense

Most people would not describe deep tissue massage as painful, but it can definitely be intense at times. Some people really enjoy this, but some do find it overwhelming. If you prefer a relaxing massage with a lighter touch, this may not be the best style for you.

Pro: Deep tissue massage can help prevent injuries

Deep tissue massage leaves you looser and more limber. As such, you're less likely to compensate with one leg or arm when you continue to work out, play sports, or go about your daily life. This means you'll be less likely to develop over-use injuries and other soreness after a deep tissue massage. If you're an athlete, this can make deep tissue massages incredibly beneficial.

Con: Deep tissue massages don't always cover the whole body

Because this type of massage is so intense and is intended to be therapeutic, your practitioner won't necessarily work on your entire body. Doing so requires a really long massage session. Of course, this doesn't mean that deep tissue massage is a bad choice, but if you're really after a full-body massage, there are better options to consider. You may want to opt for a full-body Swedish massage with deep tissue massage only in your problem areas, for instance.

If you think a deep tissue massage might be a good choice for you, visit a massage therapist near you. They should be happy to answer additional questions about this type of massage and the benefits you can expect.


24 January 2022

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