Sweet Feet Scrubs And Massages: Why You Should Consider Using Sugar Instead Of Salt


Most people are worried about having an excessive amount of sugar in their diet. While saying no to a sugary soft drink and a too-sweet cupcake is often a good thing for the inside of your body, you may want to re-consider using sugar for your body's exterior diet. The skin can benefit greatly from sugar, so you may want to start using it in your foot scrub instead of salt. Here are three sinfully sweet reasons your next foot massage should incorporate sugar (white or brown):

1. Sugar Hydrates the Skin and Helps to Retain Moisture.

Sugar is considered to be a natural humectant, which means that it can not only help to hydrate your skin, but it can also help to ensure that moisture is retained in the skin. It does this by drawing moisture from the environment to your skin. To be put simply, if you are suffering from dry patches of skin or cracked heels, sugar can help produce skin that is much smoother and very well moisturized.

2. Sugar Works to Stimulate Cell Turnover for More Youthful Skin.

Since sugar contains glycolic acid, which is a source of alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA), it helps to stimulate cell growth and treat dry skin. It can help in keeping your skin looking younger for longer by treating age-related skin issues and sun damage. In addition, WebMD suggests that AHAs may be helpful in reducing the pigmentation caused by melasma while also helping to reduce acne scars.

3. Sugar Gently Strips Away Dead Skin Cells.

Sugar and salt are two of the best exfoliants. However, salt can actually cause very small tears in your skin. It can even strip your skin of its natural oils, which leaves your skin unnecessarily dry. Sugar is softer on the skin than salt and strips away the dead skin cells just as well, if not better. Exfoliated skin will hold moisture better, which is always a good thing when you are looking to unveil your skin's beautiful, natural glow.

The benefits of using a sugar scrub for your next foot massage are abundant. If you're looking to keep your skin looking and feeling young, moisturized and healthy, then speak to your local spa, like Stephen Parish Massage, about incorporating sugar into your massage regimine. Don't forget that you don't have to limit sugar to your feet, as the rest of your skin can also benefit from some well-deserved sweet, restorative attention!


21 April 2015

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