3 Ways That Bodybuilders Can Benefit From Massage Therapy


Bodybuilding can be hard on the body, and muscular pain is almost unavoidable when you are constantly pushing yourself to lift heavier weights. Unfortunately, pain can interfere with your workout schedule by keeping you out of the gym and unable to lift for a few days. Those who want to see muscular gains quickly or who want to take their lifting to the next level often turn to supplemental therapies to keep pain from limiting them and to enhance their training. Here are three ways in which massage therapy can help with your weightlifting and training.

1. It relieves tightness from straining.

 A tight, sore muscle can keep you from working to your full potential. Muscles grow when they lift progressively heavier weights, and sometimes pushing yourself too far can strain a muscle. Deep tissue massage targets a specific muscle and loosens it through repeated manipulation, making it slack and reducing the tension and pain. Massage therapists often recommend stretching exercises to maintain the slackness and keep the soreness at bay, helping you get back to the gym sooner, so you can work on exceeding your previous limits and gaining some muscle mass.

2. It prevents injuries.

Following a workout in which muscles are constantly tensed, a massage can help return them to their relaxed state. This can help you keep from over-compensating or straining when you work opposing muscle groups such as quads and hamstrings or abs and back. When one of the muscle groups is tense and the other isn't, you can easily start to use improper form, which can lead to injuries. Massage therapy can restore the balance between your muscle groups and help you lift correctly and avoid overexertion.

3. It assists in muscle growth.

Resting the muscles is also an important component of muscle growth. Following a workout, deep tissue massage increases the blood circulation in the muscles. This replenishes nutrients, increases oxygen flow to the muscles and also helps them relax. Repeatedly stretching and releasing muscles and connective tissues can relax them and relieve soreness. This can help you get on the most direct path to larger muscles: harder training. Many bodybuilders use massage therapy services after their final workout before their scheduled rest days to maximize the effects of the muscle recovery period.

Massage therapy is a very effective supplemental treatment that has been used by athletes for decades and has many direct benefits for bodybuilders. If you find that some muscle groups give you more problems than others or that soreness is slowing your progress, discuss your bodybuilding goals and problems with a massage therapist. He or she can use a combination of techniques to relieve the soreness of intense lifting, help prevent injuries and support your muscular growth.


4 April 2016

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