A Therapeutic Foot Massage Is A Benefit To The Whole Body


A foot massage can be a very therapeutic treatment for your whole body. A good foot masseuse will be very knowledgeable in the pressure points that are located on the top, bottom, and sides of your feet and stimulates all of them with different pressures to affect different locations of your body. Here are some of the procedures that an experienced foot masseuse will employ when giving you a therapeutic foot massage:

Foot Bath and Oil Rub - Before beginning, your foot masseuse will soak your feet for approximately 15 minutes in a bowl of very warm water. This foot bath will clean your feet and relax your foot muscles. After soaking, your feet will be dried and covered with a towel to keep them warm. Ingredients that can be added to your foot bath include Epsom salts, baking soda, lavender and other aromatic oils, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and whole milk. Your masseuse will add these different ingredients to soothe or stimulate your foot muscles, treat specific ailments, and ultimately relax and rejuvenate your feet. After your foot bath, your feet will be massaged with other essential oils that will soften your skin and penetrate into your muscles. A good foot masseuse will use different oils on your feet for different ailments or body conditions. 

Foot Massage Pressure Points - Pressure points on your feet correspond to every part of the rest of your body. A good foot masseuse will massage these pressure points during a therapeutic food massage. Your masseuse can massage these points several ways:

  • Finger and Hand Massage - A foot masseuse will massage and probe your feet with his or her thumbs and the fingers of both hands. Both hands will be used in constant movements that will warm, relax, and stimulate your feet. A masseuse will use his or her thumbs to reach deep into your foot muscles and his or her fingers to stimulate the skin. 
  • Massage Probe - A foot masseuse will often use a rounded wood probe approximately 1/2 inch in diameter to massage the pressure points in your feet. This wood probe is pushed into the sole and sides of your foot to stimulate the nerve endings and encourage blood flow. 
  • Massage Stones - Another effective method of foot massage employs round river stones. A masseuse will take stones that are approximately 1 – 2 inches in diameter and warm them in a bowl of hot water. Once warmed, these stones will be applied to your feet and massaged deeply into the muscles. These stones warm and relax the muscle of your feet and also stimulate blood flow. 

Foot Massage In Your Home Or In a Foot Spa - You can have a foot massage in a foot spa or at your home. Here are the advantages to having your foot massage in both locations. 

  • Home Foot Massage - It is very convenient to have your foot massage in your own home. An experienced masseuse will come to your home with a foot-soaking tub and a chair that will elevate your calves and feet so that he or she can easily work on both of your feet. After your foot massage, you can relax at home and allow your feet to slowly absorb all of the foot stimulation and applied oils. 
  • Spa Foot Massage - It is also very pleasant to have a foot massage in a foot massage spa, as they will have a complete environment to relax you and soothe your energy and mind. Many foot massage spas have small fountains and flowing water to relax you and comfortable chairs where you can relax. If you use a foot massage spa, try to have a family member or friend take you there and bring you home in their car so that you will not have to walk very much or drive your own car. 

A good foot masseuse will explain what he or she is doing and why each movement is an effective treatment for your ailments or conditions. It is beneficial to have a therapeutic foot massage every couple of weeks to keep your body stimulated and healthy. Once you begin to have a number of foot massages, you will notice that your body will be healthier and happier with any and all of your actions and movements. 

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13 October 2016

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