Three Ideal Times To Book A Massage Therapist To Come To Your Location


When many people get a massage, they make an appointment to visit their local massage therapy clinic. However, this isn't the only way to enjoy this healing practice. If you'd rather not visit a clinic for your treatment, you may wish to consider talking to a clinic that offers remote appointments for patients.

Many massage therapists will come to you with a massage chair or folding table and all the necessary supplies for your session, meaning that you'll be able to enjoy your massage in your own environment. Here are three ideal times to consider booking this type of treatment.

You Have A Serious Illness

If you're dealing with a serious, non-contagious illness, you may not be up to venturing out to the massage clinic. If even the thought of leaving your home seems daunting, an in-home massage may be the right answer for you. Many massage therapists are highly trained and experienced in treating patients in palliative care, for example. Massage can be effective for such patients, as it can reduce their anxiety and ease physical discomfort.

You're Scheduling A Relaxation Day

Many couples enjoy scheduling occasional days in which relaxation is the chief focus. One element that is common on these days is booking massages for each of you, but you might not want to visit a clinic. For example, if you're relaxing at home, you might not favor getting out of your comfortable clothing, putting on makeup, and doing your hair. In this case, having your massage therapist come to your home can be the perfect solution.

If you wish to have your massage concurrently, book two massage therapists to visit — they can set up their chairs or tables in the same room so that you and your spouse can relax together. Alternatively, you can have your massages one at a time while the other person relaxes in a bath, for example.

You're Traveling For Business

When you're traveling for business, you may long for the healing benefits of a massage. Perhaps your back is sore after hours spent cramped on an airplane or you're feeling a high degree of stress about an upcoming business meeting. The last thing you might want to do is seek out a massage clinic in a new city and drive to an appointment.

Instead, see if the clinic can send a therapist to your hotel. Many massage therapists will visit hotels as well as homes to cater to travelers, which means that you can have your muscles and mind eased without having to navigate a new city.

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8 March 2017

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