2 Things To Expect During And After Your First Deep Tissue Massage Session


If you have problems with chronic muscle soreness and tension, you may have decided that you may benefit from having a deep tissue massage. However, even if you have had regular massages in the past, you may feel a little nervous about this type, as they go deeper than simple superficial manipulation of the muscles. If so, below are a couple of things you can expect during and after your first session.

1.  Feeling Some Discomfort During the Massage Is Normal

If you have had a regular massage in the past, you probably felt relaxed throughout the experience and maybe even fell asleep. However, when you have one that manipulates the deeper muscle tissues, you will feel some discomfort when the intense pressure is applied. This is normal for this type of massage.

What you may experience is almost like an agony and ecstasy scenario. You will feel discomfort while the massage therapist works on the muscles to stimulate circulation and repair of the tissues, but when they release the pressure, those areas may feel very good.

However, you should not feel sharp pain during the massage. If you start to feel extreme discomfort, let your massage therapist know immediately so that they can make adjustments to the pressure and manipulation techniques.

2.  Taking Care of Yourself Afterward Is Crucial

While you may feel refreshed after the massage, the therapy does not stop once you leave. Since deep massage therapy is designed to stimulate circulation and encourage muscle repair, what you do to take care of yourself after is just as crucial as the massage itself.

Since you will be a little sore, using ice on your muscles can help with the inflammation and help promote healing. You should also increase your water intake for a couple of days to ensure your blood volume is at its peak and can remove any waste products from the muscle repair as well as deliver the cells needed to heal them. Your therapist may have other instructions, so make sure you pay attention to what they have to say.

After the massage is over and your muscles have recovered, you should start to feel relief from the tension and soreness that led you to schedule your appointment in the first place. For more information about what to expect, ask to speak to someone at the center, like FF Massage,  where you will be getting your deep tissue massage therapy prior to your first visit.


22 November 2019

what to expect during your first massage

Going for a first-time massage can be a little intimidating. With so many types of massages available, how do you know what kind you would enjoy the most and what would be most beneficial to you? I can remember my first massage and how I felt walking into the spa for it. I was worried that I was going to do something inappropriate or not get the type of massage that I pictured myself getting. Since then, I have gone for weekly massages and have had every type of massage available to me at the spa that I visit. Read on to learn all about what to expect during your first massage and a short description of each type of massage.