Benefits Of Thai Yoga Massage For Runners


As a runner, it is important that you take good care of your body and engage in activities that improve your overall health. One thing you might want to do is have Thai yoga massages from time to time. This unique type of massage involves a practitioner working on your muscles as you stretch into various positions. It may seem a little unusual or unfamiliar at first, but it has a lot of benefits for runners, including the following.

Increased Flexibility

Flexibility may not be as important to you, as a runner, as it would be to a ballet dancer or gymnast. However, flexibility is important. When you're flexible, your joints will be better able to absorb the shock and force of your stride on hard ground. Flexible runners are also better able to stretch their muscles, which helps guide against injuries. Thai yoga massage is great at improving your flexibility. There will be times when your practitioner is able to help you stretch further than you normally would, thanks to the way they manipulate your muscles as you stretch. If you have Thai yoga massages regularly, your flexibility will continue to improve over time, which will only serve to improve your running.

Pain Relief

Do you have deep pain in one of your muscles, or perhaps in a tendon or ligament? Stretching alone may not alleviate that pain, but Thai yoga massage can help. By applying pressure in specific areas as you stretch, your practitioner can alleviate pain that has been lingering for a long while. This makes Thai yoga massage a good way of dealing with overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and runner's knee.

Improved Circulation

Your body relies on blood flow to bring your tissues the substances they need to heal after a run. The better your circulation, the more effectively you will recover from your workouts. A faster, better recovery means you can work out harder and more often. Thai yoga massage can really help improve circulation. The pressure your practitioner will apply to your stretched muscles will help drive inflammatory fluids back into circulation, which opens up the area to better blood flow. The massage can also increase your heart rate temporarily, which helps with recovery, too.

Thai yoga massage has all sorts of benefits for runners. Those listed above are just a few of the most prominent ones. Get a massage or two for yourself, and experience the difference. To learn more about Thai yoga massage, contact a massage service.


28 September 2021

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